The TRUE GIF-Story of the Jan6urrection!

And How 3 men touched each other on the internet
. . . and Everyone Saw it
. . . And your mom talked about it!
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"We counted 9 officers who were within touching distance of unarmed Jacob Chansley. Not one of them even tried to slow him down. Chansley understood the capital police were his allies. Video shows him giving thanks for them in a prayer on the floor in the senate."
Tucker Carlson
Aka, Chatsworth Osborne, Jr
The Capitol Police literally opened the Senate chamber door for him on camera!

But who are you going to believe, Instagram ‚Äúfact-checkers‚ÄĚ or your own lying eyes!?
Actual Quote from Elon Musk
Original Tweet HERE
Free Jacob Chansley
Elon Musk
Father of Executive Children